Grip, Footwork, And Strokes In Tennis.}

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Footwork is weight control. It is correct body position for strokes, and out of it all strokes should grow. In explaining the various forms of stroke and footwork I am writing as a right-hand player. Left-handers should simply reverse the feet.

Racquet grip is a very essential part of stroke, because a faulty grip will ruin the finest serving. It is a natural grip for a top forehand drive. It is inherently weak for the backhand, as the only natural shot is a chop stroke.

To acquire the forehand grip, hold the racquet with the edge of the frame towards the ground and the face perpendicular, the handle towards the body, and “shake hands” with it, just as if you were greeting a friend. The handle settled comfortably and naturally into the hand, the line of the arm, hand, and racquet are one. The swing brings the racquet head on a line with the arm, and the whole racquet is merely an extension of it

The backhand grip is a quarter circle turn of hand on the handle, bringing the hand on top of the handle and the knuckles directly up. The shot travels ACROSS the wrist.

This is the best basis for a grip. I do not advocate learning this grip exactly, but model your natural grip as closely as possible on these lines without sacrificing your own comfort or individuality.

Having once settled the racquet in the hand, the next question is the position of the body and the order of developing strokes.

All tennis strokes, should be made with the body’ at right angles to the net, with the shoulders lined up parallel to the line of flight of the ball. The weight should always travel forward. It should pass from the back foot to the front foot at the moment of striking the ball. Never allow the weight to be going away from the stroke. It is weight that determines the “pace” of a stroke; swing that, decides the “speed.”

Let me explain the definitions of “speed” and “pace.” “Speed” is the actual rate with which a ball travels through the air. “Pace” is the momentum with which it comes off the ground. Pace is weight. It is the “sting” the ball carries when it comes off the ground, giving the inexperienced or unsuspecting player a shock of force which the stroke in no way showed.

A great many players have both “speed” and “pace.” Some shots may carry both.

The order of learning strokes should be:

1. The Drive. Fore and backhand. This is the foundation of all tennis, for you cannot build up a net attack unless you have the ground stroke to open the way. Nor can you meet a net attack successfully unless you can drive, as that is the only successful passing shot.

2. The Service.

3. The Volley and Overhead Smash.

4. The Chop or Half Volley and other incidental and ornamental strokes.

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Tips Regarding Sash Window Specialists And How They Can Assist You

Tips Regarding Sash Window Specialists And How They Can Assist You


Steven LaPolla

Do you have some sash windows at home that are a little outdated? Maybe they rattle or stick and you\’re not sure what you can do about the situation. If that\’s the case, you should seek help from sash window specialists. Look for one in person or use online videos and written instructions to repair or renovate your windows.

The windows look nice, but can sometimes be a pain, especially because a lot of sash windows that you find in homes nowadays are pretty dated. They peaked in popularity at the turn of the 20th century. While they\’re considered a good choice because they\’re not as susceptible to rot as hinge windows, they do have their own problems.

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While they look nice, they\’re just like anything else that gets old: they\’re a bit worse for the wear. And as so many windows out there are a bit old, you see a lot of problems like sticking or aged cords that make it harder to raise and lower the windows comfortably.

If you have sash windows at home but aren\’t sure what to do with them, you can find helpful videos and written instructions online for improving your windows or restoring them yourself. If you need to add weatherstripping or change out sash weights for spring balances, you\’ll find detailed explanations to guide you. And if you don\’t want to do it yourself, you can turn to professionals to do the job.

Because they were so common a century ago and have been around for so long, you\’ll find that there are a lot of experts on sash windows. They know what they\’re talking about and they are very familiar with the common ailments. Whatever you feel your problem may be, there is someone who can help you solve it.

Renovating windows is usually quite a bit cheaper than replacing them altogether, so you might want to consult someone about what you can do to improve what you have before you decide to go out and buy all new stuff. You could be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to fix everything!

If you\’re looking to redo your sash windows in London or make them a little more effective than they currently are, look into getting in touch with sash windows specialists. You\’ll find that there\’s a wealth of knowledge out there useful for making your windows better.

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Small Auto Loans Partial Loans For Your Cars

Small Auto Loans Partial Loans for Your Cars


Frank Dervin

Though most of us try to get our car financed to the extent possible, there are others who have savings and want to use those savings for buying the car. Many a times it happens that, you see a car and want to buy it. However, when you ask for the quotation, it is a little more than what you have set aside for the car. In such cases, you can avail small auto loans. These loans help in compensating the difference between the cost of the car and the money you have.

It is not that these moneylenders will not finance entire sum required for your car. They will do it. They can even finance you under the subprime loans. When you have substantial amount of money and you are falling short of a few pounds, you need not ask your boss for advance. You can just get into touch with the moneylender and ask for a quotation.

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Most of these moneylenders who offer

small auto loans

also have contacts with car dealers. Selecting a car from these associated dealers help you in holding back an order for a certain period of time wherein you can arrange the remaining money. Say you need 30 days to arrange for the 70 per cent of the money you have set aside for the car, you can ask the moneylender to hold the car for 30 days.

The biggest advantage of the going for the small auto loans is that you take a smaller loan, which you can easily repay. Thus, you save yourself from falling down in the credit rankings. You also get lower interest rates. You may or may not place collateral for these loans. In case you take an unsecured loan, the car will not be under your sole proprietorship. If you fail to deposit money on time, the car may be repossessed.

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Summary Of Toyota Corolla Matrix Car Gps

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About Toyota GPS

Toyota DVD GPS mutimedia system ,OEM Factory Headunit for Toyota cars, Toyota A4 Autoradio GPS navigation,All-In-One Indash Sat-Nav radio Specially made for Toyota, Built in DVB-T Tv tuner, ipod ready, HD Digital Touchscreen of 800 * 480 Resolutions, Original steering wheel match, Bluetooth handsfree and USB Port / SD Slot!

You are now visiting the biggest and most skilled In-car multi-media program market!

MATRIX Navigation

Toyota Matrix DVD GPS mutimedia program ,OEM Factory Headunit for Toyota Matrix, Toyota Matrix Autoradio GPS navigation, All-In-One Indash Sat-Nav radio Specially made for Toyota Matrix, Built in DVB-T Television tuner, ipod ready, HD Digital Touchscreen of 800 * 480 Resolutions, Original steering wheel match, Bluetooth handsfree and USB Port / SD Slot!

About This DVD Playe

This DVD player may well fit other TOYOTA cars, so you could compare the size of your car’s radio with our DVD player, if it has the same size, it is possible to order this DVD player too. For anyone who is not sure, it is possible to contact us.

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to add “Builtin DVB-T” function, you may should wait a number of a lot more days.


It fits Toyota Matrix & Toyota Corolla EX & 2002-2006 Camry & 1996-2005 RAV4 & 2001-2007 Highlander & old Land Cruiser & FJ Cruiser & Hilux & Previa & Vits & Vela (it might not fit all versions and all years, so pay attention to the size of this DVD palyer and your original radio please)

Built-in GPS navigation, and you can listen to the music or the radio while in navigation (Dual-Zone)

6.2″ 800*480 Digital High Definition TFT LCD touchscreen.

Main Language: English Francais Deutsch ltalian Espanol

original PIP function, you’ll be able to use 2 functions of DVD/TV/Radio/bluetooth/Navi/AUX at exactly the same time.

original 2-ZONE function, the back display screen can connect DVD/USB/SD/TV/RADIO functions while the host display show different contents, without any interference even in voice navigation.

Radio: AM FM, Support RDS (Radio Data Services)

optional built-in DVB-T function (Digital Television used in Europe and Australia)

Support iPod iPhone

Hand freeBluetooth

with Steering Wheel Control

Auto rear viewing function.

Button light: Red/Blue/Purple/No. Several touch sound

You can change the background picture by yourself

Virtual 6 disks CDC: V-6 disc changer memory (6 disc music can be memory in the unit while you might be listening to the music)

If your vehicle has Original JBL Audio system, you need to find a JBL Adapter to make the audio work correctly.

What Our Customers Say:

Janie Young: not a electrical girl. keep asking on how to work with the virtual CDC. the service staff first provided me with some pictures by which i still failed to operate the CDC. they then created a video at their rest time for me to teach me. i’m grateful for their support. got kicked out by service staff before from other Chinese web stores. it is a best service i have ever. many thanks to the service staff.

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A Guide To Classic Car Insurance

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Classic car insurance policies and requirements have changed over the last few years. Because the new models are very high-tech, older cars, usually over 15 years old, now fit into the category previously reserved for vintage cars. These cars are usually in collections and rarely driven, but classic car insurance may cover some cars that are still used regularly. Fewer people are buying new cars in the economic downturn of the last several years, and 50 percent of the cars on the road qualify for classic car insurance. For the owner of an old car, it is worth searching insurance companies online to see if they qualify for the lower premiums.

In the past, the restrictions for classic car insurance included specific qualifications for type, make, model and age of the car. Often specialist insurance brokers were the only companies that insured vintage cars. Today, the larger insurance companies are taking advantage of the large amount of automobiles that come under the previously exclusive parameters.

Classic car insurance was always less expensive than the regular insurance because the cars were so little used. Now that there is so much competition among insurance companies to get customers, the prices are getting even lower.

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As with any major investment, it is better to research all options before choosing classic car insurance. There are restrictions for the amount the vehicle can be driven, which may make this type of insurance impossible for some. The amount varies with insurance company, but it can be as little as 3,000 miles per year. This will not be sufficient for those who commute to work or like to travel distances to visit friends and family. These details and more need to be ascertained before a policy is chosen because often the restrictive conditions don’t become clear until there is an accident and a claim is made. At this point, it is too late to get coverage for damage.

Another aspect of classic car insurance to consider is the lifestyle of the car owner. The premiums are often adjusted according to the age and gender of the owner. Policies for women and older people tend to be less expensive. Insurance companies also vary quotes according to the age of the owner. Some will give classic car insurance to people as young as 21 years, and some will not give unless the owner is over 25 years.

Most old cars do not have very high resale value and do not warrant classic car coverage, even if they qualify under the requirements. For these cars, an ordinary automobile insurance policy would probably be less expensive. Mainstream companies can offer discounts, especially to customers online, and special offers that classic car insurance providers cannot.

Whichever type you choose, be very careful to understand the terms and conditions, so there are no surprises at the time you need to make a claim. A policy that seem good and is inexpensive may not give all the coverage you need. Automobile insurance should serve your needs without being costly.

About the Author: Michiel Van Kets writes articles for Caravan Insurance Experts,

a company offering Cheap Caravan Insurance as well as Classic Car Insurance.


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