Acquiring Language Skills Using Ielts And Toefl}

Submitted by: Jackson Clark

The world is becoming smaller day by day and we see movement of lots of people from one country to another for work. What is one common thing that binds people around the world? It is the language they speak. As the languages spoken around the world are different, if you are moving to a particular country, it is important for you to get yourself certified on the language they speak in order to increase your employability.

What is IELTS and TOEFL?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is the most popular English language test these days. It is conducted by British Council, IDP Education and Cambridge English language assessment. IELTS is a requirement now a days to get admission in various courses abroad. If you want to pursue MBA from UK, MBA from UK etc., IELTS certificate is a must to apply for admission.

There are 2 courses with in IELTS which is Academic and General training version. Academic version is basically for those who are looking for admission in universities and institutions abroad for higher education. General training version is for those who are looking to settle down abroad so basically for immigration purpose.

IELTS is accepted by various countries as UK, Australia, and Canada etc. IELTS is also a must for immigration in various countries like Australia and New Zealand.

IELTS Test Pattern: IELTS contains 4 modules Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The final score is a combined score of all these modules and a TRF (Test Report Form) is generated. Listening and Speaking module is same for all the candidates irrespective of whether they are appearing for Academic version or General Training version. Reading and Writing module differs based on the version of the test they are appearing for.

IELTS Result: IELTS result is based on 9 bands. Each band represents a certain level of proficiency in English Language. The Band starts from 1-9 where 1 stands for Non user and 9 stands for Expert user.

Various institutions across the world require various IELTS score for granting admission. The highest IELTS score required is from Columbia University (8.5) to get admission in its Journalism course. Most of the other universities require IELTS score in between 5.5 7.0.

IELTS training institutions in India: There are lots of training institutes in India which conduct IELTS training. Some of the most reputed training institutes are:

1. Jamboree

2. British Council

3. Mega mind

4. Majorcans Group

5. IELTS Guru

Jamboree institute started in 1993 and is the oldest training institute in India for IELTS. It is based out of New Delhi with branches in various cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai etc.

Usually the classes for IELTS is for about a month timeframe.

British Council is another very good option. The exam fees for taking IELTS exam is about Rs 10000/- INR Approx. There are various venues across India where these tests are conducted. Please check and register yourself in advance to take up the test. Find all the latest tips, guideline and information for all students looking to MBA from United Kingdom (UK). Call us now at +91-9011459986!! Tutosis India’s No. 1 study overseas consultants, have been Providing Quality Education Services to hundreds and thousands of students all over the country.

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Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Submitted by: Patlm Wright

Maintenance of relationships is a difficult task. Relationships are as fragile as glass; even a small mishap can end a very long relationship. A relationship can last long if both the partners work for its maintenance. Every day we experience relationships breaking up; two couples married for a very long time period end there relationship over a very small issue. They do not consider the affects of the end of their relationship on their lives and the people living with them. To maintain healthy relationship you have to be determined and you should devote ample amount of efforts to keep the relationship strong.

Communication is a very important aspect of all relationship. Individuals should be in continuous communication with their partners. They should share their aims, goals, problems and disappointment. By sharing issues and problems a relationship becomes stronger as individuals get to know each other in a better manner. If communication level is low between partners; misunderstandings take place. A relationship where there is communication gap; is not a healthy one. Healthy communication should take place as this helps partner to understand each other in a better manner and partners can help each other.

One should always avoid blaming each other and passing judgments in relationships. We have seen relationships where individuals end up blaming each other for the mishaps that take place. Blaming each other is not helpful; you should rather try taking the blame on your own shoulders and instead of playing the blame game you should try to solve the issue together. Never pass judgments until you have complete knowledge of the situation. People do not analyze the situation and the reasoning they end up passing judgments which is not healthy for any relationship.

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Trust plays a major role in relationship management and misunderstanding has played the major role of breaking relationships. Trust is one factor that individual expects from each other. If trust factor is low in a relationship; it is very hard to maintain that relationship. Many marriages have ended up because of lack of trust. You have to believe in what your partner is telling you; if you do not believe them then it will became very hard for them to carry on the relationship.

Space is another major factor that has ruined relationships; we hear partners complaining to each other for space. When you have a relationship you cannot control the entire life of your partner; you cannot tie them to yourself for your entire life. Your partner has other errands to meet and other relationships to maintain. If you do not provide your partner with ample amount of space then it will become very hard for the relationship to last long.

Some relationships even end up due to discrimination. Marriages have faced discriminating; men tend to believe that they are stronger and they are more important and they might end up ignoring the importance of the women which might be a problem for the relationship. Respect factor is as vary important to maintain healthy relationship. You have to provide respect to gain respect in a relationship. Breaking a relationship is never the solution; you should try to maintain your relationship as relationships are very important.

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