Why People Want Independent Financial Advisors

Submitted by: Jerry Rodgers

Times have changed and so have financial advisors. Today, it seems that people don t want financial advice from a salesman. Instead, they want a relationship with a financial professional who is candid, trustworthy and thoroughly educated, who provides personalized financial consulting for each client.

That search often leads them to a fee-based or fee-only financial advisor or a Registered Investment Advisor.

A pleasant alternative to Wall Street. A paradigm shift is happening, and the traditional brokerage houses are lagging. While old-school stock brokers have gone the way of the wooly mammoth, you still have a sales-first mentality in place at big banks and Wall Street brokerages. If you re employed by one of them, the mantra is simple: make a sale, earn a commission.

As they try to serve their clients, these wirehouse brokers regularly contend with sales quotas and the inherent potential for conflicts of interest. It wears on them: a 2010 survey revealed that only 15% were very satisfied at their firms, and another 20% wanted to leave within two years.

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Given the tarnished reputations of so many giant banks and brokerages, it isn t surprising that consumers are turning elsewhere for financial advice. Here are three popular destinations.

A fee-based financial advisor has structured his or her practice to promote earning income from fees instead of commissions. The emphasis is on advice. An independent, fee-based financial advisor also has freedom freedom to choose the most appropriate products and services for your risk tolerance and investment goals. (More about that in a moment.)

Fee-only financial advisors earn no commissions at all. They derive 100% of their income from client fees – annual management fees or hourly or per-project consulting fees. With this compensation arrangement, you know that a fee-only advisor is available to help you address myriad issues in your financial life, not simply those that could lead to a commission.

A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) usually works to manage the assets of high net worth investors. An RIA receives management fees and does not receive commissions. The management fees usually represent a percentage of the assets a client has invested. RIAs have to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and any states in which they operate. Individuals, couples, families and institutions with sizable wealth management concerns often turn toward RIAs.

Even as the market has struggled since the end of 2007, independent Registered Investment Advisor representatives have gained a greater share of assets under management in the U.S.

People need unbiased advice. That s probably the #1 reason why people seek an independent financial advisor representative. They know that the advice they receive is not influenced by sales incentives or directives. There is often a candor to the discussion that may not always be present at a bank or a brokerage.

People want more investment choices. An independent financial advisor representative is free to offer investments from dozens, maybe hundreds of companies, rather the investments of a single company. In addition, that independent advisor can unhesitatingly tell you if an investment is or isn t appropriate for your financial situation.

This is the age of independence. When it comes to the financial future, no one wants to be sold just advised. That s why we ve seen the rise of a new kind of financial advisor who puts the client relationship first.

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Different Types Of Financial Services

By Adrianna Noton

Financial services are companies that work with customers and their money. There are many different types including banks, credit cards, insurance providers, credit unions, investment funds and stock brokerages. Companies doing this work make up a large chunk of the profit making services in the United States.

The history of banking can be traced back to medieval and renaissance Italy. Several families within Italy were heavily involved in the first banks and they then moved their work throughout Europe. There are two types of customer based bank. The first is the commercial bank which accepts deposits and matches them against people withdrawing to control the flow of money. They are commonly used by customers to look after their checking accounts. The other type is a savings bank which is stockholder or mutually owned and usually gets a lot of its business from mortgage accounts.

The first credit card was used in the nineteen twenties in America and was initially used to sell fuel to car owners. A credit card is usually a small plastic card that the customer uses to pay for goods and services. It works on the basis that the creditor pays the initial charge on the understanding that the customer pays that back within a certain time frame with an added charge or interest.

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Insurance providers insure customers against a number of things. You can insure your car, your home, items of personal property and your health and life. The customer usually pays a monthly premium to the insurer, who in return gives them a certain amount of money back in the event of something happening for which they are insured.

A credit union is a sort of financial club. It is owned and controlled by its members and it is an affordable way of providing credit for the members. Credit unions are usually much smaller than banks and should normally be non profit organizations, although in reality this is not always the case.

An investment fund is a pool of money that is looked after by an investment manager. This investment manager uses the money to buy into stocks and shares on the behalf of the investor. The idea behind this is that by combining several investors money you are more likely to see a profitable return and hopefully the manager will have the experience and knowledge to choose the best places for you. There are many different types of fund however they are not always risk free.

A stock broker is a broker who buys and sells shares on the behalf of investors. Ordinary people can not buy and sell on the stock exchange. They need to go through a regulated broker. This works in a similar way to an investment fund and as such there are also risks attached, due to the fluctuating nature of the stock market.

Financial services play a big part in the world economy today. There are variations on these services all over the world. Some services will suit some people more than others, depending on their approach to risk and how much money they have.

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Are You Required To Report Your Ebay Earnings?

By Kristine McKinley

Many people ask me if they are required to report the profits they earn on items they sell on eBay on their income tax return. In short, yes.

If you sell items on eBay for a profit, then you should report your eBay sales on your income tax return, and you may owe income taxes on any profits. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a hobby or if you are trying to build a business – if you earned a profit it’s taxable income.

Generally, any income you receive from all sources is subject to income tax unless it is specifically exempt by law (hint: eBay profits are not exempt).

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You must file a tax return if your net earnings from self employment are $400 or more. You are self employed if you carry on a trade or business for profit. If you are selling on eBay with the intent of making a profit, then you are self employed.

To report your eBay earnings, you should file Form 1040, and attach Schedule C or C-EZ. Schedule C is used to calculate your net profit or loss from your business, which is then reported on your Form 1040. This is assuming you are a sole proprietor. If you are incorporated, you have to file a separate business return. You will file Form 1120 or Form 1120s (for S Corporations). If you are a partnership, you will file Form 1065.

At this point, you may be thinking ‘I don’t run a business; I just sell on eBay as a hobby’. Unfortunately, income from hobbies is taxable as well. Even worse, you can only deduct expenses up to your hobby income, which means losses are not deductible.

Finally, there is a common misconception that if you did not receive a 1099 or W-2, you are not required to report your income. This is not true. All income is reportable, regardless of whether you receive a form or not. EBay is only a facilitator of the auction; therefore you will not receive a 1099 from eBay reporting your sales.

To your financial success,

Kristine McKinley

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Education Border Collies Can Be A Fulfilling Practical Experience, Eventually

Submitted by: Marlinup Chapman

This can support ensure that the puppy it very well exercised and they will additional than likely fall asleep after you leave as a substitute of obtaining anxious and consuming your brand-new peep-toe sandals.

Coaching Border Collies is a quite exciting encounter since they are so intelligent and can consider in so quite a few diverse commands, once you’ve received the fundamental obedience coaching this sort of as sit, stay, heel and arrive up to scratch there are many more tricks and advanced commands you can teach them. Having said that, their significant intelligence and perception can in some cases appear like a double edged sword and if you do not indicate consistency when you train them a command it can develop into very frustrating.

They can be so perceptive that after you educate them a command working with a selected word, a a number of tone in your voice and a a number of hand movement you will have to be regular in reusing the same word, tone and hand movement if you want them to repeat what you have taught them. After you remain regular while, in my experience, they will grasp the command quite quickly.

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It is prevalent knowledge with Border Collie proprietors that you will need to in no way instruct a Border Collie puppy a trick if you are not prepared to set up with it for the rest of the dog’s existence. The moment you follow the proper teaching strategies you will uncover that like most herding canines, Border Collies make fantastic, playful and loyal companions for daily life, every with its individual unique character.

It is significant if you have youthful youngsters to establish their leadership about you canine as they do have a healthy instinct to check out to herd each and every tiny animal they see which includes cats and youngsters. This can be controlled having said that as long as the kids know how to offer with the dog.

The schooling of a Border Collie can be each straightforward and hard at the exact same time. The rationale for this is because a Border is very intelligent. Their intelligence can be the proverbial double edged sword.

On the a single hand, they discover issues incredibly rapidly. In reality they really like to find out. Border Collies are “working dogs” and as this sort of, get schooling really critically. Exhibit them what you want and they will choose it up, commonly right after only a very few attempts.

Some thing to hold in mind is that teaching a Border Collie requirements to be performed frequently and it has to be enjoyment. With their increased degree of intelligence, education could have to be extra like a game that you two play, than something else.

A bored Border Collie can be a quite harmful animal. This is a person good reason so several of them are offered away to shelters. They are like hyper lively teenagers. They just have an abundance of vitality and with no a proper route to exercising that power, they will chew and destroy your points.

When coaching your Border you certainly want to set up on your own as the leader early on. If you don’t, he will determine for himself that he is the boss.

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