Why Womens Only Recovery Programs Are Effective For Women Addicts In Recovery

By Gabriel Adams

Research clearly indicates that women’s only recovery programs are far more effective for women than treatment programs that include both, men and women, and this is more so in the early stages of recovery. This is because substance abuse among women as well as the issues that surround their abuse is different from that of men and hence requires a specialized treatment program that is different.

Women’s only recovery programs specifically address women’s issues by acknowledging and respecting women’s inherent need to focus on positive relationships, self-determination, connectedness and choices.

Some of the issues pertaining solely to female substance abuse addicts and their treatment programs include the fact that drug and alcohol dependency in women is almost always triggered off by some kind of trauma, whether it is domestic violence; physical, sexual or emotional abuse or witness to violence or abuse. Hence their recovery treatment would need to address issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, low esteem, guilt and shame, which are prevalent in women addicts. Because of the interrelation between trauma, addiction and psychopathology in women, comprehensive programs need to be developed to address all these issues.

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Partners very often play a major role in introducing women to drugs or alcohol. They play an equally important role in a women’s ability to access treatment and in her motivation to stay clean and sober. This is a major influencing factor in the success rate of recovery in women addicts and the odds of relapsing.

Another factor to be taken into consideration is that women are almost always the primary caretaker of her children and very often the only caretaker. Women’s recovery programs need to be family-oriented and focus on meeting the needs of women addicts as well as their children.

Treatment programs for women include trauma therapy, therapeutic intervention, creative art therapy, psychodrama, spirituality, mediation and yoga.

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Why Womens Only Recovery Programs Are So Effective




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Tips For Purchasing Fitness Equipment

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By John Francis

Home fitness equipment is a great investment. Exercising in the privacy of your home offers both easy access and stability to your daily work out. Unfortunately, most newbie exercises make big mistakes when purchasing their first piece of fitness equipment. The first mistake fitness equipment buyers make is to purchase a machine with too many features.

First of all more features means more money. In the case of fitness equipment more money does not mean better quality. Many of the electronic features fitness equipments offers are never used or used very rarely. This is because most people can not figure out how to accurately use the computer and give up. The basic fitness equipment attributes are all that you need. Just like buying a car or a piece of furniture check for building quality. Ask yourself is the equipment well put together, sturdy, durable, and stable. Good construction combined with a quiet machine are the only real qualities you need to look for in a treadmill. The same is true for all fitness equipment.

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Make sure you try out the equipment before buying it. The first place to start is a gym, buy a month membership and go in and see what you like and hate. Once you find a piece of fitness equipment you are interested in then go out to several stores and try their machines. Make sure you wear your exercise clothes and exercise shoes. Most fitness machines look great just sitting them, turn it on and use for a good twenty minutes. Weight machines should be used for at least 20 repetitions. Do not be afraid to try something out of your price range. Have fun when you go out looking, see what the high end equipment offers and what features you can do without and then purchase your fitness equipment accordingly.

If you are beginner in the exercise world, do not buy something complicated or hard to use or setup. You will not use, and you have wasted your money. Many of the high end fitness equipment require the coordination of upper and lower bodies which can be quite overwhelming for people who are less experienced with exercise routines. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask for an information sheet and inquire about all costs. Look for discounts and sales. Many fitness equipment sellers will offer to put together your new fitness equipment and deliver it for you no extra cost or a small fee – let them! For an extra hundred you will not have the headache of assembly and you will make sure the piece of equipment is put together correctly.

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