Heart Disease Prevention: Design A Super Body}

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Just ask any one of the 58 million US citizens who suffer from some form of heart complaint, what they think of heart disease prevention and see what they have to say about the matter. If you were one of this huge faction then no doubt you would express the regret that you had not done something to alleviate and prevent heart disease when you had the opportunity.

It is possible for you to design the body of your dreams and experience an awesome level of health and fitness, well into your old age. With the majority of the population now experiencing longer average life spans, taking a proactive stance towards your health and actually doing something to prevent you becoming just another heart disease statistic becomes ever increasingly important.

Lets examine several ingredients, that will bring about a significant improvement in your level of fitness and well being: throw these into the heart disease prevention pot in increasing measures and you will see improvements within weeks rather than years.

*Improved dietary

*Adopting an exercise lifestyle

*Take a pro-active approach to health and well being and awareness

Improving Your Dietary Habits

The first and easiest step is to develop a healthy eating style. A diet that consists of an excess of foods high in saturated fats and trans fatty acids will do you no good at all. These little heart stoppers are found in foods such as red meat, dairy produce and various oily foods. Moreover, trans fatty acids can be quite prevalent in baked foods and fried produce.

Fruit and vegetables are natures pure dream foods. They contain all the essential nutrients and none of the harmful products of a predominantly animal based diet. In addition, you will need to increase your intake of fibre.

Working Out to Improve Health

Your body was not designed to operate on couch potato mode; exercise is essential and not optional for an improved sense of well-being and improved health. A life style that is geared towards heart disease prevention cannot ignore the massive improvements that come hand-in-hand with a program of exercise.

Start with something small and build up on a weekly basis. Something is better than nothing. Change your attitude towards exercise. You do not want to see it as chore and a bind on your life. Do not look at as a short-term, tag-on to your life, but as a permanent fixture. You are designing a body for life and that is a long-term outcome and not a short-term goal. Outcomes are far more powerful than goals.

Just simple things like: walking rather than driving, taking the stairs before the elevator and taking the dog for a brisk walk in the park instead of leaving it for the kids to do; all these things will benefit you immensely. Keeping Healthy need not be complex so dont make it so.

If you smoke stop TODAY! Stop making excuses for killing yourself. You owe it to your family and you owe it to your body. Reduce your intake of alcohol to a minimum will improve your chances of a long and happy life. Lets not hear the pallid excuse that its not worth living if you cannot enjoy these things in life. Youre drip-feeding death into your life. Life is for the living and not for the killing of self.

Take active steps to reduce stress and anxiety and make it your business to get a really good nights sleep that will leave you waking refreshed, invigorated and looking forward to another day of vibrancy and opportunity to live a life which you are designing for yourself.

It is possible to have a life worth living to the full. Heart disease prevention is absolutely possible. After all if you ruin this body where are you going to live?

To find out more about living a full and active life that is designed by you and for you, take a step over to my gratis, healthy heart web resource and pick up a free ebook on heart health

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North Carolina Tobacco History}

North Carolina tobacco history



In 1861, North Carolina became one of 11 states to secede from the United States, beginning the American Civil War. Despite no major battles being fought in the state, North Carolina sent more recruits to fight for the Confederacy than any other rebel state. In 1903, the state became the site of the first manned self-propelled airplane flight when the Wright brothers took off from a cliff near Kitty Hawk.

Interesting Facts

In one of the nation’s most intriguing mysteries, a group of around 150 colonists from Plymouth, England, who had landed on Roanoke Island off the coast of North Carolina in July 1587 vanished without a trace, except for the word Croatoan scratched on a post that had enclosed the settlement. Although there have been several hypotheses as to what occurred, historians and archaeologists have been unable to find evidence to support any of them.

The first child born in America of English descent was a girl named Virginia Dare. Born on August 18, 1587, Virginia was one of the members of the Lost Colony, discovered missing on what would have been her 3rd birthday by her grandfather John White, who had originally led the colonial expedition to Roanoke Island but later returned to England for supplies.

Angered by the Navigation Acts, which imposed taxes on colonial goods, and the abuse of power flaunted by the customs collector and deputy governor, Thomas Miller, a group of about 40 rebels imprisoned Miller and seized control of local government in 1677. John Culpeper, one of the group’s leaders, was tried for treason in England, but was acquitted and returned to Albemarle. The uprising became known as Culpeper’s Rebellion.

Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first powered airplane flight on December 17, 1903, covered only 120 feet and lasted only 12 seconds.

During World War II, approximately 10,000 enemy soldiers were contained within 18 prisoner of war camps throughout the state of North Carolina.

North Carolina is the largest producer of sweet potatoes in the nation. In 2011, farmers within the state harvested 64,000 acres”yielding 1.28 billion pounds of the vitamin A-rich tubers.

Some 100 English colonists arrive along the west bank of the James River in Virginia to found Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America. Dispatched from England by the London Company, the colonists had sailed across the Atlantic aboard the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery.

Upon landing at Jamestown, the first colonial council was held by seven settlers whose names had been chosen and placed in a sealed box by King James I. The council, which included Captain John Smith, an English adventurer, chose Edward Wingfield as its first president. After only two weeks, Jamestown came under attack from warriors from the local Algonquian Native American confederacy, but the Indians were repulsed by the armed settlers. In December of the same year, John Smith and two other colonists were captured by Algonquians while searching for provisions in the Virginia wilderness. His companions were killed, but he was spared, according to a later account by Smith, because of the intercession of Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan’s daughter.

During the next two years, disease, starvation, and more Native American attacks wiped out most of the colony, but the London Company continually sent more settlers and supplies. The severe winter of 1609 to 1610, which the colonists referred to as the “starving time,” killed most of the Jamestown colonists, leading the survivors to plan a return to England in the spring. However, on June 10, Thomas West De La Warr, the newly appointed governor of Virginia, arrived with supplies and convinced the settlers to remain at Jamestown. In 1612, John Rolfe cultivated the first tobacco at Jamestown, introducing a successful source of livelihood. On April 5, 1614, Rolfe married Pocahontas, thus assuring a temporary peace with Chief Powhatan.

The death of Powhatan in 1618 brought about a resumption of conflict with the Algonquians, including an attack led by Chief Opechancanough in 1622 that nearly wiped out the settlement. The English engaged in violent reprisals against the Algonquians, but there was no further large-scale fighting until 1644, when Opechancanough led his last uprising and was captured and executed at Jamestown. In 1646, the Algonquian Confederacy agreed to give up much of its territory to the rapidly expanding colony, and, beginning in 1665, its chiefs were appointed by the governor of Virginia.

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