Dressing Right With Blazer, Sport Coat, Or Suit Jacket

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By Hendrik Pohl

Do you like to dress nice from time to time and are looking for different ways to change your look as well as ways to introduce new styles into your outfits? Then this article will help. It is my goal to discuss different types of jackets such as Blazers, Sport Coats, and Suit Jackets. In this article you will find tips on how to wear each, when to wear them, and how to combine them with other pieces of clothing.

First off all, no matter what type of jacket you choose, make sure that your outfit matches the occasion as well as your personal style. If you are a little uncertain, what your style is, then look through men’s fashion magazines such as GQ, Men’s Style, or Cigar Aficionado and find the styles & looks you like. Doing this will give you new ideas on different styles, and what outfits will look good on you. Whatever you choose, make the style your own and wear it with confidence.


A blazer is a type of semi-formal jacket that usually is bought separately from the dress pants (unlike a suit). Blazers come in both styles: Single breasted, as well as double-breasted cuts. The choice of fabrics used varies widely, but usually fabrics with more patterns are chosen such as hound’s-tooth, herringbone, or windowpane patterns. In addition the fabric used is usually thicker and warmer wool. Classic blazers use more impressive buttons such as gold colored, buttons made from bone, or exotics types of wood.

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The blazer will suit a wide range of events and dress codes ranging from business attire, to casual wear. The blazer is polished to a more formal look if combined with more formal accessories such as bow ties, dressy slacks, and pocket squares.

The typical blazer has a more traditional appearance. With this in mind, it will combine well with other more formal/traditional pieces of clothing accessories such as bow ties and pocket squares. When combining clothing to the blazer make sure that the patterns and colors harmonize. A window-pane pattern blazer in tan/ brown color shades would go excellent with light brown flannel pants with brown buttons, brown shoes, and a burgundy colored polka dot bow tie.

Sport Coats

As the name indicates, sport coats have a sporty, more casual look. The styles available vary widely in cuts, fabrics, and colors. You will find anything from beige-brown linen to a trendy purple sateen sport coat.

The more trendy-casual appearance of sport coats make them less suited for business attire worn to the office. Instead it is a dressy type of jacket for a night out at the bars or to a restaurant. The sport coat is most commonly combined with trendy designer jeans, tapered dress shirts, and skinny neckties. Shoes are usually also on the trendy-sporty side. Leather loafers work well on the more dressy side, while the retro-style sneakers will add a sportier look.

Suit Jackets

The suit jacket is usually bought in combination with matching pants made from the exact type of fabric. Typically suit jackets have a more conservative ‘Business Look’. The most common colors are charcoal gray, dark blues, or tan-brown. Patterns are less eccentric than those of most blazers, but nevertheless, fine pinstriped, windowpane and herringbone are quite common.

Suit jackets are almost exclusively combined with matching pants, dress shirt, dress shoes, and a belt. Other accessories such as neckties, and cufflinks are also quite common. Most common are suit jackets worn for business type of functions and as daily office wear.

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How To Dress Best When You Have Large Breasts

By Francis K. Githinji

Large breasts can prove to be a real headache especially when it comes to choosing the type of cloth to wear. Large breasts makes a woman’s body to acquire a unique figure which calls for unique clothes. It does not matter whether it is office wear or gym wear or casual wear. What matters is clothes that fit correctly. Clothes that do not attract unwanted male attention by making you look too flirtatious. This has forced many women who have large breasts to wear boring v-necked T-shirts as a last result. Women with a full-bosom play a tricky balancing act because their clothes only come in two categories; they are either stylish or trashy though there are various tips to minimize your bust line.

Your work or office clothes should be made expertly and professionally. But this does not give you a reason to look drab and boring. You should go for cuts that try to minimize your bust line rather than making it more conspicuous. Being in possession of a full bosom is actually a blessing and your work clothes should be in a capacity of flattering your body, your plus size breasts included. This brings up the big question on what you should exactly wear to work. Women who have large breasts should actually try out wrap dresses. The pattern is of no consequence as a custom-fitted wrap dress will play down the size of the bust line. It still leaves you looking dashing and flawless. A wrap dress flatters your bust as well as hugging your curves making you a sight to behold.

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A dress with fabric that flows gently and loosely from under the bosom line is usually ideal for women who have large breasts. It is good to avoid high neck and clingy dresses. They only help to exaggerate the size of your bust while at the same time stealing the show from the beautiful dress itself. Thicker and and more supportive straps that provide that much needed lift are more appropriate for work and official functions. It would be advisable to give straps such as halters and spaghetti styles a wide berth however sexy they are. They only make your breasts to be more pronounced while projecting your shoulders even more. An empire-cut sleeveless cloth is ideal for a night out in town. If you have large breasts, you will always be oscillating between showing too much or showing too little.

If you are looking for a blouse to put on, get one which is tight on the waist and loosens out towards the chest. It creates a picture of a small waist and an illusion of an even smaller bust. In your quest not to show too much, avoid limiting yourself especially if you are going to have fun on a Friday night. You can jump into your halter dress without giving a care to the world on the amount of flesh it exposes. If you feel too self-conscious because you have large breasts, you can put a bolero that is stylish enough to bring the best out of you.

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Selecting The Right Jewelry Display Trays

Selecting the Right Jewelry Display Trays



Anybody who\’s involved in the jewelry industry inevitably have to get stacking jewelry displays when they will have to travel with their jewelry. A retailer who is looking towards stocking his or her jewelry most successfully will need to have high-quality stacking display trays to do this properly. Perhaps you\’re a retail jeweler who is looking to take your goods to an event where jewelry is sold (such as a trade show) while needing a smart way of transporting your merchandise. Fine jewelry designers who are looking to offer their wares to retailers are going to find great trouble when trying to decrease both the weight and/or space which is utilized towards transporting their quality fine jewelry. The most significant factors you must realize is that stackable jewelry display trays should be designed to hold up for years. If your jewelry display tray does not last with time, it very well could prove to be detrimental for your jewelry. This article is made to supply you with the information necessary to choose the ideal for virtually every use.

At this time, there is a selection of lightweight stackable jewelry display trays which you can purchase, selecting the right stacking tray may seem to be a time intensive undertaking. In the event the tray you choose is low quality, it is possible that your jewelry tray may break apart. The material your tray is made from as well as the quality of construction needs to be viewed as perhaps the most critical factors when deciding on which jewelry tray you finally choose to go with. A hard shelled plastic tray is going to be very likely to hold your jewelry safe and sound in any normal conditions, a display made of this kind of strong plastic (like Carefree Displays) can last for practically several years before you will need to think of buying a replacement. Perhaps the most pivotal variable which you need to take account of where exactly your tray was produced. A sizeable fraction of stackable fine jewelry displays are built in low income countries like China which frequently have problems with quality control which result in readily breaking trays. Presuming this problem causes your trays to break apart, your jewelry could quickly wind up damaged when traveling. Display trays for jewelry produced in the United State of America are renowned for exceptional quality.

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Keeping a little money through buying inexpensive, low quality trays may possibly damage your jewelry and could being literally thousands of dollars worth of damage. It is important to look at longevity and effectiveness of a company\’s jewelry displays well before buying. Some portable jewelry displays currently available for sale are made from a inferior black velvet. Lightweight portable fine jewelry displays built inside low income nations which have bad quality oversights are inclined to fall apart quickly. I\’ve been told far too many accounts of jewelry retailers trying to make use of substandard jewelry trays as opposed to high quality trays and having to pay the price for it later on. Trays made out of substandard materials indicate a true lack of respect for the jewelry through the use of low quality raw material. In the event you\’re hoping to offer to a customer a piece of quality jewelry while presenting it on top of a low quality tray, it is a poor way to show your jewelry. Low end materials are usually not encouraged for use except in cases where the jewelry in question is in the range of ten dollars per piece. Cheap jewelry goes on cheap trays, in case you desire to elevate the value of your jewelry pieces you simply can\’t invest in second-rate jewelry trays which look to be low quality.

If you have ever gone into a high quality fine jewelry store you\’ll discover that the trays are generally custom crafted to coordinate with the color schemes inside their jewelry showcase. In case your company is known for a certain color scheme, then the display trays used really should match with the color scheme to function as a branding resource (leather or suede Covered Jewelry Trays function quite well when customizing your displays). In reality, the high end jewelry business is profoundly particular when it comes to the little things; if you are unwilling to place the time and effort to select the proper fine jewelry display trays whilst your competition decides devotes the time for this, you best start to worry. It\’s worthwhile searching for businesses that design custom crafted high quality jewelry trays and displays produced to order to elevate your presentation while continuing to keep your fine jewelry free from danger and secure. Finding the right jewelry display producer for your needs is of the utmost important. Perhaps you could have been led to believe a substandard display tray may help save you money and not harm your long run sales. But time has proven there is no shortcut to making the right jewelry presentation.

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Finding A Reputable Gold Buyer For Your Gold Jewelry

By Lawrence J. Reaves

When you decide to sell your old gold jewelry, such as broken chains, out-of-style watches, and other pieces, you’ll need to find a buyer. Your options include pawnshops, jewelers, gold parties, and gold-buying companies online.

Pawnshops are unlikely to offer a competitive price. Their business model depends on buying very cheaply. Jewelers are also unlikely to buy your gold jewelry for a reasonable price. In most cases, they will sell your items to a broker or refiner in order to make a quick profit. Gold parties may be fun because of the social atmosphere, but the buyer is there to offer the lowest prices possible.

The last option is to work with an online buyer. This is the best method for selling your gold jewelry. The challenge is that there are several pitfalls along the way that can result in a lower-than-reasonable price, or worse. This article will offer a few helpful suggestions for finding a reputable buyer and enjoying a smooth, hassle-free transaction.

Visit The Buyer’s Website

The buyer’s website should clearly explain the process by which they buy gold. It should give you a good idea regarding what to expect from the moment you ship your items to them. You should also be able to find a phone number with which to call them. Take the time to do so during business hours.

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Look For Strange Agreement Details

On the buyer’s site, you’ll occasionally notice odd agreements that obligate you to accept their offer once you mail your gold jewelry to them. Consider such agreements a warning sign and look elsewhere for a buyer. There are plenty of reputable gold-buying companies, so there’s no need to expose yourself to potential problems.

Research Current Prices

A lot of companies that buy gold jewelry will post prices on their website that fail to accurately reflect the current price per troy ounce. Many of them do this intentionally. They hope sellers will be fooled into thinking the market price is lower than it really is. Unfortunately, many new sellers never invest the time to uncover the true price. Instead, they sell their gold pieces for much less than they should.

Visit any major news media site (e.g. CNN.com, NYTimes, etc.) to research prices. That way, you’ll know whether a company’s offer is fair.

Go Straight To The Source

The bull market for gold has brought hundreds of buyers out of the proverbial woodwork. These companies are usually brokers. They offer to buy gold jewelry and scrap gold, and entice sellers with promises of sending a quick check in exchange for their pieces. The problem is, brokers add very little value to the transaction. They are middlemen. They make money by offering sellers a low price for their items, then selling those same items to a refiner. The difference between the two prices represents their profit.

What if you could work directly with the refiner? By removing the broker from the transaction, you’ll receive a higher price for your gold jewelry. Refiners goes through a smelting and assaying process rather than merely reselling your items to another buyer. Once the metal has been refined, it is recycled back into the jewelry trade. For this reason, they can offer a much higher price for your scrap gold than a broker.

Finding a reputable gold-buying company is a simple process. The key is to visit a prospective buyer’s website, call them and ask for clarification if anything is unclear, and do your due diligence. Most importantly, avoid brokers. Work with refiners to receive the best price.

Once you find a dependable buyer, you’ll be able to use them in the future with confidence they’ll treat you fairly. And that goes a long way toward ensuring a problem-free experience.

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