Useful Tips To Ensure You Get The Most From Your Exhibition Trailer.

Useful tips to ensure you get the most from your exhibition trailer.


Blair Pezina

Many businesses are now opting to use exhibition trailers or show mobiles to advertise their business, products or services, however many businesses are not gaining as much from their trailer as they desire. An exhibition trailer or show mobile will be able to help both you and your business. Below are some helpful tips to ensure that you and your business gain the most.

1.Choose a company that can provide you with what you need. Many businesses will opt for the cheapest company however this is not always a good choice as they may not be able to provide you with the facilities or design that can represent your business. Choosing a business that has years of experience, can provide you with a creative, innovative and high quality design for both the inside and out of your trailer should be very important. If you have any ideas or thoughts they should be able to bring them to life quick, easy and efficiently.

2.Remember that it your trailer. When it comes to designing the inside and out of your trailer you need to be 100% satisfied with the result. If you have any ideas you shouldn t feel as though you can t say. You are paying for a trailer that you will take to many places to target potential customers and if you are not happy or fully satisfied potential customers may not be too.

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3.Don t hide in the background at large events. When it comes to presenting the trailer as big shows or events many of the staff retrieve into the back waiting for potential customers to just walk in or ask for more information. Majority of passersby will be thinking the same thing. They will expect for you to approach them to gain their interest, you as a business should be making the effort to talk and attract customers as they might find some of your competitors first.

4.Try to target as many potential customers you can. When many people see your trailer and what you have to offer they may think that they don t need or want it, however with the right sales pitches and designs you will be able to target more potential customers. Also, have something exciting, original on the inside or out of your trailer, make your trailer stand out in the crowd, as many people are more likely to visit your trailer if you attract their attention.

When it comes to finding the right size or shape of trailer you need to make sure that what you choose is right for you. It doesn t matter how big or small your business is having the trailer perfectly represent your business, products or services will be very beneficial.

If you are looking for a high quality, friendly and affordable exhibition trailer company who can provide you with a trailer that is perfect for your needs and requirements Show Mobiles is the company for you. They have many years of experience and have on hand facilities that can help to create the ideal trailer for you. Whether you are going to use your trailer for an outreach program, charity events or for educational purposes, Show Mobiles will be able to ensure that you receive a trailer that represents you and your business in the best possible ways.

An exhibition trailer can help to enhance and advertise your business in a wide range of ways, no matter how big or small your business may be or your budget Show Mobile ensure that they can provide you with a high quality, affordable and efficient solution to your needs.

Show Mobiles are an established company providing businesses with excellent

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opportunities to help enhance or build brand awareness for their business.

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Closing Techniques To Make You More Money

By Kurt Mortensen

I have not included many of the old, outdated, offensive, repackaged closes you often hear or read about. The following recommended closes can always be tailored and adapted to fit the style and approach that works best for you. Remember that you should only have to resort to these last-minute closing strategies if you have not completely closed your prospect throughout the presentation. Your goal should be to never have to use these tactics, but in the event that you do, these strategies sure will help.

Closing skills will be a great persuasive tool to get under your belt, and the sooner you do so the better. Remember, as the salespersonwhether youre selling a product or trying to get your teenager to understand your point of viewyou are in an advisory role. You are your prospects advocate. The more you can operate in her/his best interest, the more s/he will sense this and agree to your input. The closing skills you have learned in this chapter will help you to persuade more effectively. Now, knowing the process, you will understand what is happening each step of the way and you will intuitively recognize where to guide your prospect. When you get these skills down, you will be pleasantly surprised that effective persuasion is an easy, fun and natural process.

In the beginning, you will experience moments of awkwardness when you forget exactly what to say or do. There will also be times when your prospects will throw you for a loop and you wont remember how to respond. When this happens, dont be too hard on yourself. As time goes on, youll experience a natural learning curve. Just make note of areas youd like to strengthen and work on them along the way. This kind of conscientious attention will soon help you hone and polish your selling abilities. After every sales attempt, take the time to analyze the situation. What did you do well? What could you have done better?

1. Direct closeSimply ask for the sale. Shall we get the process going for you? Sounds like a great fit! Are you ready to move forward? Lets get the ball rolling, OK?

2. Assumption closeRather than ask if your prospect wants to move forward or not, assume the sale and give her/him a choice of one option or another. This closing technique solidifies the sale. For example, Would you like the blue or the green? Do you want it delivered, or will you be picking it up? Will that be cash or charge?

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3. Take-away closeWhen your prospect hesitates, say, Just a minutelet me make sure we have this in your size. Let me see if we have this item in stock. Let me check with my manager. This product is not appropriate for you. Closing strategies like these create the impulse to move ahead with the purchase so your prospects dont forfeit their opportunity.

4. Summary closeRestate the list of benefits your prospects have cited as important to them and list them in order of priority. This closing strategy confirms and validates in your prospects mind all the valid reasons for the purchase. It also shows your prospect that you have been attentive and understand her/his needs.

5. Puppy-dog closeLet your prospects touch, taste, feel and experience the product or service as much as possible. Put them in the actual situation, either literally or through helping them create a vivid imaginary experience. This closing strategy helps the prospect become attached.

6. Procon closeWalk the prospect through the thinking process. On a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and write down factors that help your prospects compare and contrast how many more pros your product has than cons. This closing strategy is excellent for analytical personalities.

7. Order-sheet closeFill in the order sheet from the start of the conversation. This closing strategy reinforces a subconscious commitment on your prospects part. If they hesitate, explain that the form just helps you get all the details. In completing the form, be clear on what your prospects are looking for. Assure them that if they arent ready to make a decision, the order form will not be processed.

8. The relevant-story closePeople think in terms of stories. Relate to your prospects the experience of another client in a similar situation who moved forward and was very happy with her/his decision. This closing strategy also works in the reverse: someone who did not purchase and later regretted it.

9. Ascending closePose a series of questions to your prospects that will all elicit a yes response and lead to the point of purchase as the obvious step to take. This closing strategy reinforces subconscious affirmation of the products benefits and ability to meet your prospects needs. Yeses increase desire, while nos decrease desire.

10. Reduce-to-the-ridiculous closeBreak down your products costs into minute units: For a mere 22 cents a day, you can enjoy the benefits of our product. You can change your life by investing only 50 cents a day.

11. Real-reason closeAfter you have tried everything, thank your prospects for their time. They will then sense that the exchange is ending, so their resistance will subside. Ask your prospect something like this: Mr. Smith, I tried to present the information the best I knew how. What is the real reason you did not buy today? After receiving an answer, see if you can address the concern and re-close.

Last but not least, remember that in this process, everyone wins. Salespeople are what make the world turn. You will often be the one who nudges a person just enough so that s/hell take action. There are countless things that would remain undone if it were not for a sales reps guidance and instruction. In the end, your prospect is happy because you gave her/him the courage to act, and youre happy because you know youve made a difference.

About the Author: Kurt Mortensens trademark is Magnetic Persuasion; you should attract customers, like a magnet. Claim your success and learn what the ultra-prosperous know by going to

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Enhance Your Hope With A Helium Advertising Balloon

By Jess Trent

This is the age of consumers. The whole world is on mission to please them. But with the overused techniques of airing commercials in television or radio and even Internet pop ups there are hardly any novelty left. Your ads may boast of a six-digit budget but money cannot buy freshness. Be simple and show off your ad in a Helium balloon. Advertising balloon will add a unique flavor to your efforts.

There are many types of advertising balloons you can choose from. You have giant blimps and tiny dwarf blimps with all the sizes in-between .The shapes and colors are virtually unlimited. You can rent or purchase a readymade one. Or if you want to add a touch of specialty customize your ad balloon as per your choice. As for words, you can be a minimalist with only your company name and contact number printed on the surface of the blimp or you can be a full phrased advertiser and can adorn your balloon with some precious artwork.

Don’t think that your floating ad will die soon. Ad balloons today are made from sturdy materials and have long lives. You can be spoilt for choices if you want to give your ad a different dimension with advertising balloon. You can opt from:

Cold Air Inflatable – These balloons stand almost 25 feet tall and are filled with cold air blowers. They are best for large outside spaces.

Parade Balloons – The best way to communicate your message to a community is to make your statement shown on a huge parade balloon. You can customize your message in the balloon and a large portion of a mass will view it.

Helium Blimps – These Ad blimps range from 7feet to 30 feet. Customize them with your company name and logo and be rest assured to grab the attention.

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Large Helium Balloon – These are enormous attention grabbers. Put up one and experience the increase in your consumer traffic.

If you want standing ads to demonstrate your business theme go for standing balloons or dancing balloons. Tether a massive colorful dancing giant and draw as much crowd as you want. But remember that these dancers dance best on calm days and have a tendency to fall if winds blow over 20 miles per hour. If you want your business to fly high, use helium filled balloons. They float high and make people turn heads. Remember to tie one end or your dream will wander away.

Helium is a noble gas, which is lighter than air and makes excellent Helium balloon. Advertising balloon filled with Helium is immune to flame and has a very low boiling and melting point, which makes the helium balloon safe except in extreme conditions.

Advertising balloons can be used anywhere on the streets, over stadiums, and fairs. You can also mount your dreams on a Helium giant on top of a building and attract gazes.

Why do we use ad balloons?

– You can enhance your client relationship.

– You have to spend much less than other ad forms. You are spared of billboard fees, rental fees and other advertisement costs.

– You can attract a greater customer percentage with a small budget. Ad balloons boost up small businesses so that they can compete with big businesses.

– With a helium balloon you are flying your brand name with the revenue of greater brand awareness.

– Your sales will swell.

– You can easily attract the media and foster a better PR relationship.

– The advertising balloons are flexible and you can move them anywhere you want.

Be the owner of advertisement sky and delight people with stunning visuals with a Helium balloon.

About the Author: Jess Trent is a successful writer and publisher of advertisement related issues, for more informative articles go to


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