Michelin Motorcycle Tires Not Just For Cars Anymore !

By Mike McGrath

The collection of motorcycle tires and other associated accessories had made Michelin one of the top brands today. These products are known for their extreme strength rubber and comprehensive adherence to quality standards. No wonder then that all motocross riding enthusiasts prefer to buy only Michelin motorcycle tires.

Offroad tires

The collection of offroad tires from Michelin can hardly be rivaled by any other brand. With even Formula One racing championships depending on Michelin motorcycle tires for success all motocross riding action depends on these super tires too! Some of the popular styles amongst this collection include the Michelin Anakee, Michelin M12, Michelin MH3, Michelin MH3-H, the MS2 as well as MS3 styles. The prices of these motorcycle tires maybe a bit on the higher side but if you want the very best then get ready to pay a little more! The Michelin Anakee front tire is great for all long distance adventure motocross riding action! The presence of large tread blocks helps the Anakee motorcycle tires display extraordinary road manners. The special silice charged tread compound as well as reinforced carcass construction each helps raise the performance standards of these motorcycle tires. The riding on dirt roads is especially commendable as the tires provide high levels of control as well as stability. In fact, the quality of these Michelin motorcycle tires is so impressive that it has set new benchmarks as far as style and comfort in motocross riding is concerned. The other variant in this category called the Michelin M12 Front tire comes with massive knob resistant tearing on the hardpack. The presence of wide spaced knobs helps to shed all mud accumulation rapidly. The traction is highly dependable and any motocross rider can steer even in mixed conditions. The MS3 collection of Michelin motorcycle tires is equally impressive. These motorcycle tires can easily navigate on both mixed as well as soft terrains. The special M-Block patterns along with loop-like knobs can easily penetrate soft dirt tracks. The presence of reinforced blocks too helps resisting wear and tear especially on the harder track surfaces. The special wide block spacing helps to facilitate rapid evacuation of mud.

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Street tires

The collection of motorcycle tires for the street is also very impressive. The most popular and favorite styles in this collection include the Pilot Power, Pilot Road, Pilot Road Rear and many other interesting styles. The Pilot Power motorcycle tires pack in a punch. The dual compound MotoGP racing technology is perfect for the tough terrains of motocross riding. The presence of a lean angle of 51 degree in dry terrains and 43 degrees in softer terrains help set new standards and benchmarks for hypersports motorcycle tires. It comes with all the responsible handling of any racing tire. Plus even at full lean you get to feel the feedback and progressive feel of these motorcycle tires. There is no doubt that Michelin’s motorcycle tires are amongst the best picks!

The Michelin man has been around for many, many years, but motorcycle riders know him as a street riding kind of guy.

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Choosing The Right Electric Winch For Your Vehicle

Choosing the Right Electric Winch For Your Vehicle



Whether you are a serious off-road or ATV enthusiast or you will be using it on your utility truck, a winch is an incredibly important piece of equipment. In a way, it is like a fire extinguisher, most people don’t think about it until they absolutely need it, and if it doesn’t work then, you’re going to be in a load of trouble. Avoid yourself some pain and hassle and find the right winch for your vehicle the first time. The most important things that you need to take into account when you’re buying a winch are the size of weight that you’re going to be pulling, what conditions you’re going to be using it in, and how you’ll be using the winch.

Most likely, your winch is going to be used to pull your own vehicle out of some tough spots. Make sure that you find a winch that can pull not just your vehicle’s weight, but also the weight that’s included when it’s loaded with food, gear, water, and fuel. Try to go to a scale to get this measured, but if that’s not possible, try to make a good estimate and give yourself room for error If you neglect this, you might end up with a winch that’s not powerful enough.

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Don’t forget to take into account the size and frame of your car when you’re buying the winch as well. You can get the most heavy duty winch in the world, but if your vehicle’s frame isn’t strong enough to use all of that power. Instead of getting your 4×4 out of the mud and muck, you could end up with at detached bull bar if you’re not careful.

You also much to think about the how you are going to be using the winch. Depending on the type of pulling that you’re going to be doing, whether it’s up steep rocks or just over simple mud puddles, you will want a line pull that matches. Most people will tell you that you need an actual line pull of at least twelve percent over your car’s weight to make sure that you can get pulled out of most obstructions. However, if you plan on doing some aggressive off-roading, you may want more breathing room.

The length of line that you can fit on a winch is important as well. Whenever you’re using a winch you only want about one wrap let on the spool because this is when the winch is strongest, but you want enough cable that you can pull farther if there are no available anchor points.

If you’re looking for a winch for your vehicle or trailer, a is a great option. A 12V ATV Winch will be able to get you out of almost any jam, but without the worries of battery drain that more powerful winches can give you.

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Ford Ikon Style And Elegance

Ford Ikon- Style and Elegance


Singh Anjali

Ford Ikon is nothing other than Ford Fiesta in the personification of a sedan. Not only in India, this model is manufactured and sold in China, Mexico and South Africa. This new vehicle from auto giant ford motors in ruling the heart of the buyers for its style and elegance. Day by day, demand of Ford Ikon is increasing. Ford Ikon assures to make driving thrilling with its optimized suspension design, extremely well impartial chassis and a sharp steering accuracy. Its pleasure driver promises you to have royal driving.

Ford Ikon comes with unique features and 1.3 L exudes style, luxury and class. ROCAM engine, modern styling, comfortable interiors and many more security features makes this stylish car as a show stopper on any road. To make the vehicle reliable and safe, it is equipped with most significant safety features. It is outfitted with remote fuel filler cap connected to central locking, child locks, steering column lock and spare wheel mounted inside the boot among others.

Have a look on additional features of Ford Ikon

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luxurious beige seats

Stylish instrument board

Sportier steering wheel, chrome finished gear knob, power windows

Muscular alloy wheels, rear spoiler

Body colored bumper and outstanding exteriors

Its soft-feel steering wheel rim to decrease head injuries on collision

Seat belts for all passengers

Additionally, this model is available in different models includes Paprika red, Panther black, Brush steel, Diamond white, Moon dust silver and Platinum. Ford Ikon is available in two different variants Ford Ikon 1.3 Rocam and Ikon 1.4 DuraTorq TDCi. 1.3 Rocam comes with features such as SEFI fuel system with a 1297cc of engine displacement; display a compression ratio of 10.2:1. On the other hand, Ikon 1.4 DuraTorq TDCi is equipped with TDCi common rail fuel system, 1399cc engine displacements and a solidity ratio of 18.0:1. The best part of Ford Ikon is its Occupant Restraint Systems. Ford Ikon is available in six variants – 1.3 LXi, 1.3 Flair, 1.6 EXi, 1.6 ZXi, 1.8 EXi, and 1.8 ZXi. For protection it has a monocoque body and crumbles zones.

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