The Social Security Disability (Ssdi) Hearing Room

Many people who have pending Social Security Disability hearings have a few questions about the hearing and the actual hearing room. What does the hearing room look like? What do you need to expect? Who’s going to be there? How do you dress? I can answer these questions for you.

Social Security hearings are different than regular judicial hearings. If you’ve ever been to a state or superior court, you know when you walk in there will be a bailiff, an armed guard (who is typically protecting the judge and the witnesses), and witness tables. Most importantly, in a regular courtroom – like a superior court or a state court – people are free to come and go as they please and observe the procedures (except in some circumstances). These types of courtrooms are basically open to the public. Well, this is not the case with Social Security Disability hearings.

Social Security hearings are a lot different than what is described above. Social Security hearings are not open to the public. These are administrative hearings as opposed to judicial hearings. Basically, an administrative hearing essentially means that you have a judge who is both the finder of fact as well as the arbiter of law. So, it’s a little bit different than a regular courtroom, and you don’t have the right as a member of the general public to go sit and watch. I guess it’s good for privacy purposes, but one of the issues, of course, is if you do have a disability hearing coming up, you can’t go watch and see what’s going to happen.

The actual hearing is in a courtroom. But it’s a small room, a lot smaller than what you probably expect. It really looks more like a conference room. When you get there, you’ll see that the judge will be sitting on a bench. Typically, it’s not real high, and it’s not very far away. There will usually be a conference table in front of the bench, and you and your attorney will typically be seated at the conference table. You may be sitting facing the judge. Your attorney may be to your right and there will be another witness at the hearing. Typically, a vocational witness will be to your left. So imagine you’re sitting at a conference table, there’s a Judge in front of you, and there are people on either side of you.

The judge will also usually have a hearing assistant whose job it is to record the proceedings; they record these onto a CD. They do that for purposes of appeals; if there is an appeal, they do have a verbal record of what happens as well as the written record from the exhibit file.

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More recently, what we’re seeing is there are computer screens at the hearing as well because now the exhibit files are being stored on CD. They’re replacing the physical files of the past, and these exhibit files hold documents like your initial applications and your medical evidence, etc. They’re done on CD, and the contents of the CD can be shown on the computer screen.

Your attorney will typically have a CD and a computer screen so that he or she can go through the exhibit file as the hearing progresses.

I mentioned earlier that a witness may be present. Vocational witnesses are fairly common in disability hearings. Basically, the vocational witness’s job is to identify your past work, and to explain to the judge what work you might be able to do given any physical or mental limitations the judge proposes. So, vocational witnesses are not there to help you or hurt you. Basically, they’re just there to assist the judge in deciding what type of work you might be able to do given your limitations. In essence, the hearing room itself is a pretty informal situation.

People also ask questions about how they should dress during the hearing. I guess my take on that is I would not come in wearing a t-shirt, shorts, or blue jeans. I think the best thing to do is come in wearing a nice pair of khaki pants and a button down shirt. Or if you are female, just a business casual type of outfit will probably suffice. I don’t think it’s wise to be too dressed up, because then that looks like you’re ready to go to work. But, I also don’t think you should come in too casual either. I’ve seen people show up in ripped t-shirts and blue jeans. In my view, that’s showing a certain level of disrespect for the court. I think it’s important to show the court that you do have proper respect, so I would not come in a t-shirt and jeans. But, otherwise, just make yourself comfortable.

They do typically have a pitcher of water so you can have some water while there. There will also be Kleenex, facial tissues, etc; sometimes people get emotional when they start thinking about the things they can’t do and they start to cry.

The hearings themselves last about 45 minutes. Often, there’s a clock in the room, and I mention the clock because I think it’s important that if you testify that you can only sit for 15 minutes, then you need to keep an eye on the clock so that after 15 minutes has passed, you stand up and stretch out. You don’t need to ask permission to do so. It’s okay to do that. But, the important thing is, if you testify you can only sit for 15 or 20 minutes and you sit there for 45 minutes or an hour, it’s going to negatively affect your credibility.

So, in conclusion, this is a fairly informal process. This is not like court where you have to, for example, introduce evidence. We don’t need custodians of medical records and we don’t need to establish chain of custody. It’s nothing like that. They’ll accept photocopies of records. They’ll accept things submitted actually at the hearing date, although they don’t like that. We don’t need originals, we don’t need witnesses to verify the legitimacy of the documents, etc. So it’s very informal compared to what you may be expecting.

It is also not adversarial like many court hearings; there’s nobody on the other side trying to argue against you. Social Security does not have a lawyer there. The judge is asking the questions. So, this is really your chance to talk to the judge and to paint a picture. You want to explain to the judge what your life is like, how it affects you, and how it affects your possibility of going back to work.

I hope that this is helpful in your preparations for your disability hearing.

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Looking At The Features Of Temo Products

By Mr.Andrew Caxton

At Temo, products are designed according to the societal trends to stand with time. The products are designed to be the most comfortable and efficient in quality. To provide the best possible insulation 2 lb density thermal foam is used in the roof. To prevent the cold from coming in the sunroom, the roof is designed with a split in it so that cold can not be transferred in. The interlacing make-up of the roof construction and the material provides an extra potency and reliability to the structure. The roof has a nice strong covering that not only protect it from scratches but also put a shiny effect to the materials.

Another main characteristic of the Temo products is that the doors and windows are designed to be weather tight and they provide exceptional potency and insulation. The most important feature of a sunroom is windows. Temo pays particular concentration to the making of these windows. Windows that are designed at Temo are specially checked for the quality because they are exposed to the sun’s scorching beams. That is why the sunroom windows need to be of the highest quality. Temo’s windows are made-up of HPG 2000 series glass which is four times better than the glasses used for other windows. In addition, components which are made at Temo are checked for international standards and are also tested independently to meet up all the requirements mentioned in national building codes.

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There is a technique used in the structure that keeps the water away, and the polymer coating is also used. The polymer coating comes in life time warranty and can be replaced whenever is damaged. This coating is also a barrier to injurious Ultra Violet rays and helps in preventing the structure from getting faded. This coating is specially designed to keep the residents from exposure to sun’s damaging rays. There are security locks which come with the windows and serve two purposes; Windows can be adjusted to the required height and you can have them secure from break-up.

In addition to the security concerns there are Deadbolts available for the protection of doors. The screens can be removable without any difficulty and you can also fix attractive fittings such as French handles to enhance the look of your doors and windows. Any one investing in sunrooms will surely want the dealer to stand behind because when purchasing the sunroom fixtures any damage can happen to the material. If there is a warranty from the company it will be of no worries to the purchaser, but when there isn’t any warranty the investment can turn to be a big problem. Temo offers an intensive warranty on sunroom furniture. Some of the materials also come with life time warranty that is very substantial. When someone sells the house the warranty is transferable to the one who purchases it.

TEMO sunroom is installed in 2 days time if the foundations are approved from the local community office. That is probably the quickest possible installation.

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Brief Know How Of How To Detect Xp Anti Spyware 2011

Submitted by: Ankursingh Rajput

What Is XP Anti-Spyware 2011?

XP Anti-Spyware 2011 is an essential part of hazardous set of malwares, that have infected several PCs and appears like it was only a commencement. Generally overhaul computers that run Windows XP, XP Anti-Spyware 2011 reach them via Trojans viruses that sneak within in secret if machine is insecure. Moreover, virus will do some furtive adjustment required for its normal functionality, like launching immediately after computer s reboot, and then will start its action. You will notice XP Anti-Spyware 2011 on a variety of system security notifications that all will be determined for generating a want of the paid version. By telling you that there are tons of viruses identified, XP Anti-Spyware 2011 will suggest you to repair your computer with its useless full version. You should on no account do that and remove the trial version of XP Anti-Spyware 2011. Otherwise, it will direct you PC to larger security troubles.

When installed, these rogues act as if to be a security update for Windows installed by means of Automatic Updates. It will then install itself as a lone executable with an accidental 3 letter name and configures itself to commence, if not by now in progress, every time you start an additional executable. It will also alter certain Windows Registry keys so that when you launch Firefox or Internet Explorer from the Window Start Menu it will begin the rogue instead and display a fake firewall warning. Once in progress, the rogue itself, like all other rogues, will scan your PC and display that there are various infections on it.

What Are Consequent Results of This Malicious Software?

If you effort to make use of the program to get rid of any of these infections, though, it will display that you require to purchase the program foremost. In certainty, though, the infections that the rogues states are on your PC are all legitimate files that if deleted could cause Windows to not function appropriately. Therefore, please do not manually delete any files based upon the outcome from this rogue’s scan.

Identical to the scan results, these security warnings and alerts are all merely fake and should be overlooked.

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Certainly while running, XP Anti-Virus 2011, Vista Total Security 2011, and Win 7 Home Security 2011 will also hijack Internet Explorer so that you cannot visit definite sites. It does this so that you cannot receive help or information at sites on how to remove this infection. When you effort to visit sites you will as a substitute be shown a fake alert stating that the site you are pop in is dangerous and that the rogue is blocking it for your security. The message that will appear on your screen is:

Internet Explorer alert. Visiting this site may pose a security threat to your system!

XP Anti-Spyware 2011 displays foolishly looking alerts, system scanners, pop-up ads and notifications for building users frightened about the viruses. None of them will tell a fact while they will be proclaiming:

1. System Hijack!

2. System Danger!

3. Stealth Intrusion!

4. Dangerous code found in this site s pages which installed unwanted software into your system

5. Suspicious and potentially unsafe network activity detected.

6. Spyware infections in your system

7. Complaints from other users about this site.

8. Port and system scans performed by the site being visited.

9. Internet Explorer Alert, Threat To Your System Has Been Detected!

Above mentioned are some of the malicious anti-viruses fake alerts, that appear when you effort to get rid of it. Making detection of such fake anti-virus is now got easier due to online assistance keep track of all updates related to latest spywares found so as to deal further with security for your PC.

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