Cost Of Living In Qatar

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A lot of expatriates who are assigned to Qatar or retirees who want to live in Qatar after retirement ask what the cost of living in Qatar is. Is Qatar living too expensive? Or, is it just the same as other North American or European countries?

The cost of living in Qatar for you and your family will largely depend on the lifestyle that you are used to getting. Particularly in Doha, the cost of living index is relatively high, it is ranked as number 49 among 300 companies in terms of expensive living. Let us look at the basic necessities cost in Qatar so you can gauge if Qatar living is expensive or not.

1. Accommodation

Expatriates in Qatar usually rent apartments, villas or condominiums. Most apartments are unfurnished but furnished ones are also available. In most rentals, amenities like pools, gyms and playgrounds for children are available readily, and use of these is charged as part of the rental payment of the unit monthly.

A furnished studio or a single bedroom unit costs around 5,000 QAR to rent, which is approximately 1,370 USD. If you rent a villa with 4 bedrooms though, can cost to 20,000 QAR if it is in an expatriate compound

2. Grocery

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The cost of food, non-alcoholic beverages and other household items necessary to keep daily life possible is comparatively on the expensive side compared to other countries. This is especially true if you end up wanting to buy internationally known food brands too.

For a two-person family, set aside around 1,800 QAR or roughly around 490 USD for this expense.

3. Utilities

The good thing about Qatar is that basic utilities like water, electricity, gas and phone lines are subsidized by the government. Thus, this particular expense will be a lot cheaper compared to other countries. Qatar living though, given the soaring high temperatures, will lead you to using your air conditioning system, especially in the summer months.

For a two-person family, utilities as a whole will cost around 1,100 QAR, approximately 300 USD. This low price off-sets the cost of living in Qatar a bit downwards.

4. Clothing

Even if clothing is a bit expensive in Qatar, Qatar living conditions will not require you to put too much layer of clothing on you given the hot temperature in the country.

For a two-person family, clothing for both people will cost around 1,100 QAR, approximately 300 USD.

5. Healthcare

If you are an expatriate, this particular item will not be a problem to you considering that this should be covered for you and your spouse by your employer. However, if this will not be covered monthly, then you will need to avail of an insurance health provider of your own.

For a two-person family, health care coverage for both people will cost around 1,300 QAR, approximately 360 USD on a monthly basis. This is a definite item that needs to be covered for you and your family.

As a whole, the cost of living in Qatar is not at all that different in most progressive countries.

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Crowdfunding For Pets Animal Rescue Online Community

Crowdfunding for pets – Animal rescue Online community


Daren Cibulskas

Crowd funding is a form of project financing where a large number of individuals gather their funds to help fund an idea or project.

It is an good alternative to traditional forms of financing such as taking bank loans or other forms of credit.

Crowdfunding consists of a Project initiator, the Crowdfunding platform and the Crowd.

The Project initiator presents a proposal of a project and seeks for funding, the Crowdfunding platform serves as a meeting point for Project initiator and the Crowd, while the Crowd backs the project by funding it.

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With Crowdfunding, the contributor is not expected to receive their financial donation back. There can be reciprocal actions by the fund seeker. They are rewards presented either as souvenirs, a place in the Credits, or having first access to the product/service.

The word Crowdfunding is claimed to have been coined by Michael Sullivan in 2006, with the founding of fundavlog. However, the term became common with the advent of KickStarter, which is currently the index in the area of Crowdfunding.

Big sites like Indiegogo and others, offer a platform for creative minded people to list their concepts and ask for funds from members of the public.

They cover a wide range of Niches and there can be thousands of projects being funded concurrently. While they are good from a general perspective, there are certain shortcomings that come with such platforms.

Therefore, Niche Crowdfunding websites are beginning to gain popularity. With these platforms, there is a specific area where funding is focused on. This may be a hobby, an art style, a profession or an area of interest.

One of such Niche based Crowdfunding websites is is a website in the Helping Pets niche. It is targeted towards getting donations for the treatment of pets including, medication, surgery and recovery.

Rescued Animals covered by this Fundraising platform include cats and dogs, birds, horses, farm animals, reptiles and others that are listed on the website.

Fundapetmiracle aims to be the leading Pet Rescue Crowdfunding site. The site is professionally designed and programmed for easy. There is a FAQ section to help answer whatever questions you wish to know regarding the site and its functions. The search function allows you to browse through many different projects based on keywords. The status of the projects can be seen at a glance with the status meter which shows both the amount raised and the time left for the project. Representative pictures of the pet requiring funding are shown. You are welcome to take a look at the website, identify pet donation projects that are of interest to you and donate. If you have a pet or know someone that requires funding for their pets therapy, you can create a profile and a project.

You can pitch your project, attach the necessary media to give a strong visual appeal to the project and set time duration for funding.

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